Bill Horsman.

I'm a web developer for Logical Cobwebs with over 20 25 years experience in software development. I've been building web applications since 1997 - first in Java and then, since the start of 2007, in Ruby on Rails. As soon as I started in Rails I was immediately impressed at its productivity and how much more enjoyable it was to use. It also has the flexibility and power to solve detailed problems when real life encroaches on imagined, ideal solutions.

I really got engrossed in Ruby on Rails, starting a number of different projects. Rails lets me concentrate on the important things like the design, how it works, the business logic - I spend less time wiring things up and repeating code I've written many times before.

The increasing impact of javascript and getting applications to work well on mobile are what excite me most right now.

I live just outside Dundee beside a loch, a short walk or bike from the Angus Glens.